Sling Backpacks Verses Drawstring Backpacks

A sling backpack is designed with one strap instead of the conventional two and is made to fit to the shape of the shoulder. The sling is a development that came from a kind of single strap over the shoulder bags that were used by messengers. These emerged to become the presently modern type of bags that have been designed to fit easily and agreeably to the shape of the shoulder and have come to be known as the sling backpack. These bags are wonderfully practical when you have short trips and carry a light load.

A drawstring backpack is simply a bag that is closed at the top with a drawstring and is fashionable alternatives to the traditional backpacks. Both backpacks are used to carry goods that are placed in the sack type bag that is hung on the shoulders with straps. The difference is that the sling backpack has a single strap or string that is hang over one shoulder like a messenger bag and the drawstring backpack has a string that is hang over both shoulders and stays unobtrusively on the middle of your back.

While the sling backpacks is a more stylish and contemporary backpack, the drawstring backpack is a more casual type of bag and is sporty and is mostly used for carrying lighter luggage like things for going to the gym or the beach. The drawstring backpack is essentially an ingenious design that is uncomplicated that permits you to close the bag with a simple act of the pulling of strings and you also open the backpack in the same way. The bags characteristic feature is not its design but the practical use that it offers to anyone who carries it. If you are looking for a bag that you can use to quickly pack your things on when you are very mobile, then this is the ideal bag.

The advantage of drawstring backpacks is that they have complete mobility and both your hands are free for use. If you are a person on the move and are looking to pack a fast bag, these are the bags for you. These bags are also very convenient for school going kids because they easily fit in lockers or under school desks apart from the fact that they are stylish and convenient for the kids. There are very many different types of drawstring backpacks which are available in various designs and colors.

The sling backpack is a very functional backpack that can be used to carry virtually anything. With an adjustable buckle that give you the opportunity to make adjustments on the strap of the bag, this is a bag that has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The bag is spacious and versatile and is one that college students really love because it is a bag that has a relaxed feel to it. Sling backpacks have a very large space that can carry lots of goods although there are some that are smaller and are designed to carry just about anything.

There is not much difference between the sling backpack and the drawstring backpack although the differences do exist. Nonetheless both bags are functional and handy and both are designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

Be on the Go With Trendy Backpacks and Sling Bags

Backpacks and sling bags are cases normally used to carry things in a sack which you can hang on your body with the help of straps. Even though both of these are similar and serve the same need too, backpacks are larger and more durable than these bags. With respect to the style quotient such bags are considered more fashionable. Sling bags for men are also called as “man purses.” On the other hand backpacks are called “book bags” popularized by students who carried their textbooks and school supplies from home. Some sling bags are also being called as “messenger bags,” and most of them have quite large enough space to accommodate loads of stuff.

Backpacks and sling bags are generally designed more for their function rather than fashion. This attribute has made them suitable for camping and military trips. These bags are available in different shapes, exclusive designs and styles. Some are provided with long with which you can cross the bag on to your chest. There are bags which are designed to carry laptops or cameras. A sling laptop bag will be of thin rectangular shape to carry a normal sized laptop and a sling camera bag will be more of a boxy shape.

New age backpacks come with different options like two easy-access front pockets which would be ideal to carry phone, MP3 players etc. The main compartment would be featuring padded laptop space to protect your laptop. The padded and adjustable shoulder strap and handle gives the extra comfort to carry them anywhere you go. Backpacks and sling bags are normally made with lightweight but durable material and considered perfect for youth and professionals who have to be on the go.

Wallets for Women and How They Differ From Men’s

Leather wallets are among the most popular of its kind mainly because of their durability, versatility and beauty. Indeed, most of the iconic, classic and trendiest wallets for women are made from leather with accents. Of course, wallets are also made from other materials like fabric, plastic and even metal but leather still dominates the market.

Function, Form and Fashion

Before we go into the differences between men’s and women’s wallets, we have to know the similarities between the two products. This way, we are better able to appreciate the subtleties of wallets as designed for either gender.

Wallets must serve a practical function first and foremost. Designers and manufacturers of these products provide for compartments in which to store important objects like coins and currency on one hand as well as credit cards, debit cards, driver’s license, identification cards and other documents on the other hand. Obviously, the size of the wallet determines the quantity and quality of things that can be securely placed in it.

Then, the wallet should also conform to the personal sense of aesthetic of whoever is using it – form and fashion. Wallets for women, be it in fabric or leather wallets, are in the forefront of such a requirement mainly because wallets are part of their personal accessories instead of just being a functional item.

Differences in the Genders

With that being said, here are a few of the differences between wallets designed for men and for women. Take note, nonetheless, that there are wallets designed for both sexes so much so that you can purchase these products as gifts for everybody in your circle of family and friends.

• Women’s wallets often have more compartments than those designed for men. The compartments are more numerous because women tend to place more things in their wallets from the usual currency, coins and cards to the pictures, mementos and other odds and ends with sentimental value. As a result, women’s wallets tend to be larger, too.

• There are more embellishments on wallets for women, too, which are mainly added to satisfy the fashion demands for these types of personal accessories. Keep in mind that each season, new lines of wallets are being introduced to complement the clothes on the runway. Embellishments include metal hardware, stitching, quilting and possibly semi-precious and precious gemstones.

• The choices for women’s wallets in terms of material are more numerous than those available to the men. Women have the choice of leather wallets accented by fabric or fabric wallets accented by leather, among other choices. Men usually only have leather as acceptable materials for wallets, be it for casual or for formal affairs.

With these differences spelled out, you will understand why wallets for women are also designed to fit into a larger purse or bag. Women will think twice about placing their wallets inside their jeans’ pockets or in inside their suit pockets – a bag is always necessary for wallets to be safely stored away from pickpockets and the like.

Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag – Your Leather Bag Guide

If you enjoy fashion then you’ll definitely love the style of a leather shoulder messenger bag. Most of these bags are available in several stylish varieties offering plenty of room to carry your most valuable items.

Some leather messenger bags are big and can accommodate enough space to carry a full size laptop inside with stylish accessories to finish its accent. Some leather messenger bags also feature exterior pockets designed to hold documents and papers and easy to hold adjustable handles.

Black Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag

The most incredible thing about black leather messenger bags is they are very good in making a professional statement in business and a catchy style in fashion. It offers both functionality and the sleekness. It can also go perfectly well in travels or in business meetings.

These types of bags are extremely sturdy that doesn’t scuff easily making your items inside safe and secure from incurring any possible damage.

Black leather Messenger bags are also perfect to give as a gift. Ideal for people who are very busy working, these bags are perfect for them. Giving them this as gift is also one way of showing them how you recognize their professional attitude.

Furthermore, you can also give this as gift for younger teens by adding fashionable styles and accessories. There are many leather messenger bags today styled in fabulous ways that will surely please anyone.

Brown Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag

Brown leather messenger bags are very popular too. Not just because brown is one color that’s very easy to accessorize and match, but because their very fashionable and roomy. Many women especially, are choosing brown leather bag because they want to accessorize it for their daily activities.

Most varieties of these bags are quite spacious enough to carry lots of things around. They are also very sleek, stylish, comfortable, and can go perfectly well in any occasions.

Leather is the best material around when it comes to bags because they are classy, stylish, and well easy to maintain. If your bag is a real genuine leather msgr bag then you really don’t have to worry about its sturdiness and quality as long as you know how to care for your bag and you know how to maintain it properly.

Multi-Colored Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag

White leather Messenger bags are also popular today. Most leather bags manufactured in this color are spaciously accommodating and are comparably more casual looking than other leather bags. You will often see students carrying bags in this design in schools and in trolling.

Many girls and women use it for casual activities because these bags are flexible, comfortable, spacious, and trendy. Its accommodating space offers lots of room to put important things.

Distressed Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag

Distressed leather Messenger bags can actually be considered as the most ideal and perfect bag solution for men. Throughout history, leather shoulder bags have always been considered as an exclusive item for women. Well not anymore, distressed leather bags share a unique masculine layout that features multiple functional compartments.

Furthermore, what really makes this type of bag a genuine item for men is its aesthetic manly appeal. It shares a very stylish yet rustic appeal at the same time. Lastly, they are also offered in various designs in different renowned brands.

Leather Travel Bags Vs Nylon Travel Bags

For many less frequent travellers consideration about what their bag is made of is often less of a concern than e.g. a person who travels frequently over medium to long distances. People who travel long distances e.g. using airports are often more likely to consider quality and durability of materials as well as style in their choice of bag / luggage. This type of traveller may also be less price-sensitive and more proactive when it comes to purchasing their bags.

Nylon Travel Bags

Since Wallace Carothers of DuPont reportedly invented nylon in the late 1930s, its many advantages and potential applications have meant that it and other man-made polymers and materials have been used in almost every aspect of our lives. The fact that it is man-made materials like nylon give tremendous flexibility in the shapes, sizes, and colours that can be made from it, and the designs, decoration and printing that can be added to it. The uniform chemical and manufacturing process of nylon and its flexibility as a material means that the finished product can be made very uniform e.g. in colour, thickness, consistency and quality. Although a strip of nylon has strength because of the way the many fine nylon strands fit together, and because of a degree of ‘give’, it is often thin enough to make it relatively easy to stitch or bond together. Producing the type of nylon material used in travel bags is often a large scale process and this and some of the factors already mentioned mean that nylon is a relatively cheap material to use in the manufacture of other items e.g. travel bags. This brings the cost of nylon based travel bags down to level that’s relatively affordable to all. Nylon is a flexible material, and relatively durable as longs as it isn’t exposed to sharp objects, heavy weights and awkward shapes / awkward shaped objects inside the nylon travel bags. Unfortunately, lower quality nylon bags sometimes don’t have strong or high quality zips, seams, straps, handles or pockets, and as such their lifetime can be shortened by the failure of any of these parts, and the fact that it is unlikely to be worth the price of repairing any of them if / when they break.

Leather Bags

In terms of design the variety of modern leather travel bag designs and features means that the choice is now incredibly wide. Although the range of colours may generally not be as wide (or the demand for certain colours may not be as wide) the colours used in modern leather travel bags tend to play tot the strengths of this unique material and bring out the best, and the most tasteful aspects of it. Since good quality, thick leather hides are ach only big enough to make a relatively small quantity of bags, each bag is likely to have its own level of individuality e.g. slight colour difference and sometimes ‘range marks’. Since full grain high quality leather really undergoes minimal processing e.g. hair removal and tanning, the marks / scars made on the animal’s skin during life e.g. from wire fencing, insect bites etc, may still be just evident in some sections of leather. This individuality and authenticity is part of the beauty and appeal of leather travel bags.

As a material, leather is very strong and resistant to scrapes, scratches and bumps. It also provides an extra degree of protection for the contents within the bag that nylon does not. High quality leather travel bags tend to have very strong stitching, strong zips which have leather pullers. There also tends to be generous cargo spaces in these bags, and they tend to have many other practical and handy pockets e.g. flap-over pockets with magnetic studs and zipped pockets. Storage pockets for laptop computers are now also commonplace in these bags. The bottom of high quality leather travel bags are often protected with domed metal studs, the anchor points are usually extra secure, and any straps are often detachable with comfort pads. The handles also tend to be very strong with wrap-around leather comfort pads in many cases. Obviously, for quality of this kind you may expect to pay more than for their nylon counterparts. However, leather travel bags tend to be much more durable and hard wearing, and over the lifetime of the bag (which literally could be a lifetime) they actually work out to be relatively inexpensive. Leather travel bags also seem to create the right balance between style and practicality, and never seem to go out of fashion.