Sling Backpacks Verses Drawstring Backpacks

A sling backpack is designed with one strap instead of the conventional two and is made to fit to the shape of the shoulder. The sling is a development that came from a kind of single strap over the shoulder bags that were used by messengers. These emerged to become the presently modern type of bags that have been designed to fit easily and agreeably to the shape of the shoulder and have come to be known as the sling backpack. These bags are wonderfully practical when you have short trips and carry a light load.

A drawstring backpack is simply a bag that is closed at the top with a drawstring and is fashionable alternatives to the traditional backpacks. Both backpacks are used to carry goods that are placed in the sack type bag that is hung on the shoulders with straps. The difference is that the sling backpack has a single strap or string that is hang over one shoulder like a messenger bag and the drawstring backpack has a string that is hang over both shoulders and stays unobtrusively on the middle of your back.

While the sling backpacks is a more stylish and contemporary backpack, the drawstring backpack is a more casual type of bag and is sporty and is mostly used for carrying lighter luggage like things for going to the gym or the beach. The drawstring backpack is essentially an ingenious design that is uncomplicated that permits you to close the bag with a simple act of the pulling of strings and you also open the backpack in the same way. The bags characteristic feature is not its design but the practical use that it offers to anyone who carries it. If you are looking for a bag that you can use to quickly pack your things on when you are very mobile, then this is the ideal bag.

The advantage of drawstring backpacks is that they have complete mobility and both your hands are free for use. If you are a person on the move and are looking to pack a fast bag, these are the bags for you. These bags are also very convenient for school going kids because they easily fit in lockers or under school desks apart from the fact that they are stylish and convenient for the kids. There are very many different types of drawstring backpacks which are available in various designs and colors.

The sling backpack is a very functional backpack that can be used to carry virtually anything. With an adjustable buckle that give you the opportunity to make adjustments on the strap of the bag, this is a bag that has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The bag is spacious and versatile and is one that college students really love because it is a bag that has a relaxed feel to it. Sling backpacks have a very large space that can carry lots of goods although there are some that are smaller and are designed to carry just about anything.

There is not much difference between the sling backpack and the drawstring backpack although the differences do exist. Nonetheless both bags are functional and handy and both are designed with comfort and convenience in mind.